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What is this wiki for, and how to use it

This wiki is to help you set up and maintain housing co-operatives in the UK. It was created by Radical Routes, a UK-wide network of co-operatives for radical social change.

To navigate, click the toggle-menu, shown by 3 lines on the left (on desktop) or at the bottom (on mobile) to open the navigation menu.

Enormous thanks to every person and co-op who put in incredible work writing and editing content for this wiki

We encourage people to get involved, not just in making housing co-ops but in developing this wiki. Currently (November 2023) It is free to edit for anyone with a Radical Routes cloudron login, or you can contact Radical Routes Digital Working group by emailing digitalwg [at] (replace the [at] with the @ symbol). If you do make edits, please remember to comment what you've edited when you save. When making new pages, please add the page to the navigation menu, this can be found at